Turning of the Aspens

Mid-October Aspens in Rocky Mountain National Park. Photo by Yuya Sekiguchi, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Aspens are the quintessential Colorado tree. The changing of these beautiful trees transform the Rockies, making the mountains appear as if they had been dipped in bright yellow and brilliant gold paint.

The trees reach their peak color in mid-late September, and visitors from all over the country flock to Colorado to see these golden trees.

Many tourism sites recommend driving tours as the best way to view the fall foliage, but we thing the cooling weather makes this an optimal time to schedule a hike, or even a longer backpacking trip, so you can appreciate the beauty of the woods without a car window in your way.

There are so many places close to home that offer great views. Schedule your adventure today by calling 720.242.9828

Aspens just beginning to turn in Maroon Bells Wilderness Area. Photo by Jesse Varner, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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