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"If you are planning a trip to Boulder Colorado, a day in the mountains with Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides [formerly Boulder Wilderness Shuttle] is sure to make it an absolutely wonderful experience. Through his many years of guiding, Joshua possesses a wealth of knowledge about the outdoors, which he enjoys sharing and teaching to others. He puts a maximum emphasis on safety as well as happiness of his clients. His staff was professional and arrived on time to pick us up as scheduled. The shuttle van was clean, comfortable, and we had maps and books with trail descriptions at our disposal. We would highly recommend Boulder Wilderness Shuttle to anyone interested in spending a memorable day in the mountains exploring the Colorado Rockies!"

(Boulder, Colorado)
"I really enjoyed my tour with Sonya of Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides. Me and my family went to Estes 2-3 weeks ago we thoroughly enjoyed the tour it was very educational. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is unfamiliar with the driving terrain or fear of driving at extremely high altitudes and hairpin turns on unpaved roads without barriers. I wanted my children to learn about mountains and how it plays into the eco system , trees and plants, micro organisms that grow in the snow. They learn about wild life. We were taught about how the Rocky Mountain National Park came into being. My children learned about how water ways are formed. Children learned and experienced the climate at high altitudes. By taking this tour, I learned more about the mountains than it just merely going to a mountains. By having a tour guide it added a lot of depth. My family would have otherwise not have had this experience had it not been for this service. I highly recommend it; it is worth it.

Sandra, August 2010 (Oklahoma)
"Both tours one to Rocky Mountain National Park and one to Denver were wonderful. Sonia , the tour guide, was informative, friendly, on time for pick up, and covered much of what we wanted to see. I would say your services need nothing to improve upon."

Barb and Mel, July 2010 (Arizona)
"I just wanted to thank you for organising the daytrip yesterday to the Rocky Mountains National Park. Sonja was truly an excellent guide. Her knowledge on the Rocky Mountains and trekking in general was oustanding and it was a pleasure to be in such good hands for the day. I am on business for the remainder of my visit to the US with little time to spare. To be able to spend a day in the Rocky Mountains and see it at probably its best at this time of year was an experience that I will never forget. Once again, thanks to Sonja."

Michael, July 2010 (Australia)
"Hey Joshua, Just wanted to say that we had a great trip. Shaune came home with the Jelly in her pack.. thanks again. Hope you have a good and busy summer–pass this on to Nick. We really enjoyed you guys!"

Cindy, July 2010 (Colorado)
"Hello Joshua and Nick! I had a wonderful time on our hike from Bear Lake to Grand Lake! The scenery was beautiful and I enjoyed the physical aspect of the hike. I thought Nick did a super job and I appreciated the difficult spot he was in having one person off the back and one waaaaaaaaay off the front. In spite of this Nick kept his cool and I felt secure. You are both knowledgeable, personable and fun. I thought Nick did an amazing job cooking the steaks (even though I’m not a steak eater) on a trip like that. I know that was not the usual backpacking fare.

Our group debated how best to take this hike since most of them are very inexperienced or have never been backpacking and I didn’t have the confidence to take a group out where I’m not familiar with the area or hiking at altitude and that’s how you ended up with us. One thing that seemed to be the prevailing thread among them is they wanted to hike but didn’t want to carry heavy packs or cook (and they still don’t).

I have one suggestion – a ladder on the dock at Grand Lake. Thank goodness for strong friends and a tweezers to putt the splinters out of my calf!!

p.s. I’d love to do a bike trip with you all."

Shaun, July 2010 (Arkansas)
"We really enjoyed both the biking and trout fishing. In both cases, we appreciated the flexibility of the guides adapting to circumstances and our interests. Great job."

Denis, July 2010 (Pennsylvania)
"We had a fabulous road bike tour around Boulder. It was such a great tour and was perfect for us! Please tell Justin how great of job he did! He was just wonderful, patient, thoughtful, safe, and super accommodating."

Kathy, July 2010 (Georgia)
"Thank you so much for the time you spent with me on the phone helping to plan our trip. This trip went so smooth. You guys are the best. I have never been on a vacation where it was all taken care of. You guys went above and beyond to make this a memorable vacation. Nick you are the man. I have not done something this extreme, and so hard since the military. It was fantastic. You delivered on everything you said. Elk walking by the camp, moose along the trail, and the Trout fishing was awesome. That was the best 6 days backpacking that anyone could of expected. We could never of had a trip like that without you Nick. You guys are the best. For anyone wanting to visit the mountains for any activity give these guys a call. You will not be disappointed. They go out of there way to make you feel like family. We will see you next year with a bigger group."

Ted, July 2010 (Iowa)
"Nick, Just wanted to take the time to thank you again, as well as, Josh and Sonja for a great vacation. This camping/backpacking trip will definitely go down as an experience of a lifetime and I appreciate the time and effort you put forth. Also, I haven’t done anything so physically challenging since I left the Marine Corps almost 30 years ago. I have nothing but great expectations for you and CWRAG, and plan to do this all over again next year."

Jeff, July 2010 (Nebraska)
"We really had a nice tour of both the places i.e. Rocky Mountain NP as well as other Colorado National Parks. We had a nice experience with Sonya and the trip was very well managed. We will get in touch with you when we are looking forward for any trip. Thank you so much for all the co-operation and follow-ups."

Divya, July 2010 (Colorado)
"Josh our group had so many great comments after the trip. The one underlying theme was you provided a great, informative, engaging, and personable tour to Rocky Mountain National Park. The bus was clean and handled our group well. The drinks and snacks more than satisfied us until a late lunch. Thank you again for being so accommodating, responsive in working with us during the whole process, and providing such a meaningful ending to our conference. We look forward to working with you again when we return."

David, June 2010 (Washington, DC)
"I am writing to tell you that the one-day sightseeing trip my sister and I took with Sonja to Rocky Mountain National Park in June was perfect given that we only had one day to see the park. Sonja was informative and fun to be with and built in plenty of time for us to hike some. She planned the tour out nicely, stopping in Estes Park so that we could pick up food and drinks to enjoy at the top of the park. The views were spectacular and we had plenty of time to take photographs. The tour was exactly what we were looking for. I’d do it again in a minute. Thanks so much for the great time."

Holly, June 2010 (Texas)
"Nick did a great job and we got exactly what we were looking for out of a tour of the Rockies in the brief time we had to spend in the area. He was very informative on the tour and made it a very pleasurable experience for my family and me. Look forward to being out your way again sometime and use your services when we have more time. Thanks."

Tim, June 2010 (New Jersey)
"Yesterday was a fantastic day of bass and trout fishing. With limited time between the wedding and reception, we had a great half-day fishing trip with our family. Many thanks for being so flexible, your attention to detail and making this fun and possible."

Sam, June 2010 (Virginia)
"You are so lucky to be able to spend so much time in Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park! The area combined with your great insight into the history and people of Colorado made this the highlight of our tour out west. Thank you again for such a great sightseeing and history tour."

Janet, June 2010 (Indiana)
"Our company thoroughly enjoyed our bike tour from Boulder to Oskar Blues Brewery in Lyons. Everybody afterwards commented on how great a time they had and how worthwhile this was for our team. Seeing everyone become so much better acquainted should really help our organization out since we are all spread across the US. You provided a great tour and we will look forward to returning next year to bike Colorado and try that bike descent from the top of Rocky Mountain National Park to Estes Park."

Dan, June 2010 (Arizona)
"What a great Colorado vacation and trip. Justin went above and beyond with providing great instruction in fly fishing. He was very patient and extremely knowledgeable about fishing techniques and Colorado fishing. This was a great vacation and a much needed rest from the noise and action of New York City. I will tell all our friends about how great fishing guides you are."

Pam, May 2010 (New York)
"Oh, we had an FANTASTIC time! Justin was awesome. Ends up my friend had fly fishing experience as a kid – who knew? – so I had lots of good private teaching. Need to come back to & actually catch some more fish! I’m pretty sure I scared most of them off early. Thank you for everything. I’ll be sure to recommend you guys!!"

Kathy, May 2010 (New York)
"The day of snowshoeing was a perfect blend of exertion, challenge, and beauty. Thank you so much for taking us to an area we could never had gotten on our own! The day was spectular and pleasantly exhausting."

Joanne and Samuel, March 2010 (Georgia)
"Thank you for all the great photos! We had a FABULOUS day with you both!"

Mary, February 2010 (Colorado)
"Killer day! What a rad day snowshoeing! I can not believed I learned some much history in one day. Both my parents could not believed how cool the Colorado Rockies are. I am looking forward to hopefully coming to Boulder, Cross your fingers for me with admissions."

Bobby, February 2010 (Arizona)
"Joshua, GREAT photos you really captured how much fun we all had snowshoeing. Again a huge thank you for organizing and ordering great weather for the perfect snowshoeing day."

Jennifer, February 2010 (Colorado)
"Josh, Wanted to give you some more specific feedback on our experience with Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides in December. I’m not exaggerating when I say that you and your team over-delivered in many ways. Your listening skills are impeccable, demonstrated by you planning our outing with careful attention to the details I laid out in our first conversation. You demonstrated the ability to parlay our needs and varying abilities into a day of outdoor orienteering experience that was meaningful for all, melding together the outdoors, the power of nature, and the power of people. A month later our team is still talking about our day with Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides, and we are using much of our experience in our current planning for the upcoming year. Thanks again for your attention to detail, your astute listening skills, your vast experience, and your ability to create an event none of us will soon forget. Ciao!"

Gloria, January 2010 (Missouri)
"Thank you for your patience while teaching us the new sport of cross country skiing. We fell a lot but are excited about our next chance to do it again. All six of us had a fabulous time in Rocky Mountain National Park. You were the best, we could not done it without you!"

Kat, January 2010 (California)
"We had a great time yesterday and are looking forward to joining you for some guided mountain biking when we return this summer."

Michael, January 2010 (California)
Group Tours
"What amazing scenery you have. Thank you for making us feel like family and taking care of everything. We are still chuckling over the fact that you need to get the three of us every piece of clothing for the two days since we only arrived with our business attire. Thank you for going the extra miles……………………….. for us. Spending two days with you was a much better than returning home for the weekend. The guiding was utterly superb! We look forward to joining your summit series one week hiking trip and one of the epic trips this summer."

Sandy, January 2010 (Indiana)
"We had a lot of snow, wow! Joshua we thank our lucky stars we were will you, you had extra gear that kept us warm and the hot cidar was over the top. The wind was biting, but the scenery, solitude and wildlife was breathtaking. Your guidance, support and education was the best service we have ever had. Thank you again for all the time on the phone and e-mails before our trip, we really felt knowledgable about what we were getting into. We can not wait to see you next year."

Susan, November 2009 (Georgia)
Group Tours
"God be with you, our days out far exceeded our expectations. Again thank you for such a wonderful day around Boulder and for my parents grand day up to high mountains. They were so happy!"

Kareesh, November 2009 (Pakistan)
"Josh, thankyou for your concern and advise. Being a long way from home and knowing no one in the area, I called you because we were scheduled for a guided day on Tuesday. Thank you for all your help in suggesting which physican to see, how to navigate to system in Boulder, and taking me to the clinic for free. As you know, I fractured my ankle walking on the trails in Boulder by myself. My brother is a physican and he said the MD who examined and treated me was first rate. Sadly, I was really looking forward to getting out in the mountains with you but it did no happen this trip. I am planning on returning next year for our conference and will no doubt join you then. Again, I can not thank you enough for helping me with everything and being so concerned about my wellbeing when you had no obligation to. You are an incredibly caring person, (I am also so lucky you are such an estute nurse) thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Mary Anne, November 2009 (Rhode Island)
"Dear Josh and Nick, Had a brillant day! Thank you for all your hard work in making this a fabulous trip to RMNP. I had truely a delightful time and envy your proximity to such a glorious and spectacular example of mother natures awesome beauty."

Fran, November 2009 (Australia)
"We really enjoyed our sightseeng tour with Sonja….she was a real people person and worked hard to make our day comfortable. We were thrilled to see all the elk at Estes Park and to enjoy the gorgeous Rockies without the hassle of driving ourselves. Sonja made sure we got all the pictures we wanted and spectacular ones. Best of luck in your venture – I would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone!"

Maureen, October 2009 (Indiana)
"I had a GREAT time on the tour with Sonja. We had a perfect day for it! I’ll certainly be back."

Karen, October 2009 (Kansas)
"What a radical ride, I will be telling all my ‘boys’ at home about the descent and technical terrain we rode for awhile. I could not have challenged myself to that level without your guidance. You ROCK! now back to the kids and work."

John, October 2009 (Washington DC)
"We chose you because you best understood our needs and were the most personable on the phone. Our decision was right on, your service, professionalism, caring nature, and understanding of how to create a fantastic experience was right on. We can not thank you enough for such a marvelous outdoor experience for out family. We are already planning to join you for one of your one week trips for next summer!"

Tina, September 2009 (Oregon)
"I wanted to thank you for a wonderful time we all had with on Monday with Nick up to Rocky Mountain Natl Park, Estes Park, and the Continental Divide. We will always remember it and are ready for another run. Nick was very helpful and great, we’ll want him on the next run. The vehicle was great."

Karen, September 2009 (Missouri)
"I just wanted to say THANKS so much for making Brandon’s and mytrip to Rocky Mountain National Park so enjoyable! We really liked your company and you were very accommodating. You and David were so so helpful. The trip itself was an incredible 5-day backpacking loop; we saw quite a few Moose, had to wait out a lightning storm, etc. You guys were great. Thanks again."

Corey, September 2009 (Maryland)
"When we return to IBM next year, we will make sure we will have another trip with you. Relating everything to the Indian Himalayas made this something we could could never find in a guide book. Please make sure to contact us when you return to India during your next trip."

Usman, September 2009 (India)
Mountain Biking
"We have never seen so many Elk so close to our hiking trail. WOW! I am getting a group from our school together for another guided day hike. I can not wait to see the wildlife, fall colors and be with you again soon!"

Yannik, September 2009 (France)
"I had the opportunity to join you for a day of biking. I found no comparison in the quality of service, professionalism, and education you provided. You are hands down the best outfitter in the Boulder Area!"

Matt, September 2009 (Chicago)
"The trip was better than we could have ever had hoped for. We could not have done this without your help, time, care and support. We were new to Colorado and did not know what to expect. Your many phone calls, 2 hours spent going over our trips logistics and making sure we were prepared, ready, and safe made the trip a success. This was a absolutely spectacular 7-day backpacking trip planned and supported by you! Thank you for everything you did from CB’s to water purifying feedback to helping with our permits. We are already planning our next year trip with you in July 2010. Thanks a million!"

Jimmy, August 2009 (Wisconsin)
"Joshua thank you for taking the exra time and giving me suggestions of what to do when I called after the last shuttle for the day had already departed. You recommendation to go to Eldorado State Park was perfect. This was my last day in Boulder and you made my day so special. Thank you again so much for caring that I had a great experience here in Colorado. I will look you up when I return"

Susan, August 2009 (North Carolina)
Team Building
"What a rocking 2 days of biking and hiking, the coolest and most challenging stuff I have ever done. The routes and guiding was the best!"

Lawerance, August 2009 (Cailfornia)
"We had a tour that rivaled the best tours we have been on around the world. The scenery, history, and education was truely splendid."

Amil, August 2009 (India)
Group Tours
"Joshua you were meant to do this! Our afternoon far exceeded our expectations. Please thank your wife for allowing us to keep you out so late. The great dinner in Estes and seeing the Stanley was a perfect end to our long week in the seminar. Jan already has told everyone at home that she visited the stage of the Shining. We can not wait to visit you again when we return to Boulder!"

Mary Ann, July 2009 (Missouri)
"We were so impressed on how much history about the area, weather, safety, plants, and animals we received. In such a short period of time, we really learned a lot. Thank you for giving me the hat off your head to make sure I was protected from sun at 3000 meters. Putting everything together so last minute was very fantastic. We will tell all the others attending events and training at NCAR and UCAR about you.>"

Simon, July 2009 (Italy)
"I really needed this time with my son. Thank you for making this wilderness opportuntiy possible and safe. This was just what the doctor ordered! We can not thank you enough.>"

Claire, July 2009 (Texas)
"Joshua you were incredibly thourough, attentive, and polite while arranging the trip. It was a pleasure dealing with you. I just wanted to let you know, I had a great time on the shuttle wildernesss tour to Rocky Mountain National Park . Nick was great, he was very knowledgeable and I liked his friendly laid-back manner."

Mary, July 2009 (New York)
Sight Seeing
"Thanks again for a GREAT TRIP and dropping off the CD’s of the pictures. I got a lot of positive feedback on the outing, thanks to you and your team for making this a great experience"

Todd, July 2009 (Millipore Corporation)
"Dear Josh and Team. Thanks so much for two fabulous day trips out in Indian Peaks Wilderness Area. You run an extremely professional and fabulous service for anyone wishing to visit this spectacular area. Kind regards."

Alison, July 2009 (New Zealand)
Mountain Biking
"Thank you for making all the plans and arrangments for me in getting from Denver to Boulder on RTD. I feel my trip was complete after spending a day with you on the shuttle. The history, safety plans, and suggestions you provided made the day smooth and very accessable. I could not have had an experience in Colorado so stellar without you. Cheers. Now on to Las Vegas, wish me luck."

John, July 2009 (England)
"The hiking times and desriptions could not be any more perfect! Wow, what a day! Now I can imagine how hardy the first people that traveled through these mountains were. You gave me an experience I could never have found in a blog, website, or guidebook. I am so excited to incoporate the history of the West into my curriculum for my students."

Jane, July 2009 (New York)
"We need to tell everyone who comes to Colorado about YOU. You made us feel like a local! My walkabout in the Wilderness would not have happened without you! Thank you all your suggestions about what to do and where to go. Cheers mate! The next frosty is on me."

Miles, July 2009 (Australia)
"We LOVED our day out with Mike. We would never had been able to get to such an amazing trail on our own. It was also great you were able to provide so much gear for us. We felt safe and prepared! You were the highlight of our vacation to the Boulder area."

Michelle, June 2009 (New Jersey)
"I cannot thank enough your for such an amazing day in Rocky Mountain National Park. The education, support, and care you provided for us was truely first rate. You made us feel like family and our whole group could not have been more satisfied. Thank you for going that extra mile and taking pictures for us and dropping the CDs at the hotel at midnight. I can not wait to visit you during our next stay in Boulder."

Katherine, June 2009 (Florida)
"We got soaked in the rain storm, but the views, your service, and the whole experience was amazing. I am so happy that we found out about you when we were in Boulder."

Miguel, June 2009 (Spain)
"Our group had such a nice time in the mountains with you. We felt very supported, safe, and well taken care of. Your help, advise, and suggestions made our tour perfect."

Sayaka, June 2009 (Japan)

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You are hands down the best outfitter in the Boulder area! Matt, September 2009 (Chicago)
We need to tell everyone who comes to Colorado about YOU. You made us feel like a local! My walkabout in the wilderness would not have happened without you! Thank you all your suggestions about what to do and where to go. Cheers mate! The next frosty is on me. Miles, July 2009 (Australia)
I really needed this time with my son. Thank you for making this wilderness opportunity possible and safe. This was just what the doctor ordered! We can not thank you enough. Claire, July 2009 (Texas)