Switzerland Trail

Now is the perfect time of year to enjoy a leisurely bike ride, 20 miles from Switzerland Trail into downtown Boulder.

Your day starts out at 8 a.m. with a nice van ride up Boulder Canyon, which offers beautiful views and a guided historical tour of Colorado’s mining history.

Did you know? Colorado’s gold rush started roughly a decade after the famous California gold rush in 1849.

As you start your descent down Switzerland Trail, a slight breeze and the shade of the trees keeps you cool. Every so often, the trees part and you are treated to views of Fourmile Canyon, Longs Peak, Eldora Ski Resort, and more.

A stop in Sunset, a Colorado ghost town, is highlighted with more about the mining history of the state. From there, it’s a whizzing descent down Fourmile Canyon to the Boulder Creek path, and then a quick ride down into the heart of Boulder.

The ride can be as relaxing or as thrilling as you want, with a “go at your own speed” guiding attitude and plenty of opportunities for pictures and breaks along the way.

The Switzerland Trail descent is physically, visually and mentally stimulating, a perfect Colorado morning. Perfect for families, business groups or friends.

And it all ends up right where you want to be; in downtown Boulder, surrounded by wonderful places to grab lunch and a cold, locally brewed beer.

Learn more about this ride at . Book your trip today, and enjoy the clear skies and sunshine of Colorado present while learning about the miners and prospectors of Colorado’s past.

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