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Safety and Permits Title

Your Safety is always our first priority. Just because we love the mountains (and hope you do, too), we know the mountains don’t always love us. Everything we do is with safety in mind, from the vehicles we drive, to a regular assessment of the weather/road/trail conditions, to discussing appropriate daily objectives.

If you want access, education, and support, guided tours, guided trips, we are the Gold Standard for guide, outfitter, tour, event planning, and transportation companies.

We are the only outfitter in the Boulder/Denver Area that has authority by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. CO PUC 55777.

Prioritizing Safety
We ensure our teams members under go yearly medical and first aid training. Out staff have certifications in wilderness first aid, wilderness first responder, wilderness and urban emergency medical technician, registered nurse, CPR, and even higher levels of certifications. We take in consideration and evaluate experience in this equation. Thus, we have team members that do not just have certifications with no real life patient contact. We have professionals that have the experience to go with the certifications. In addition, we are always encouraging and updating the skill levels of our team members. Rest assured, we are setting the bar and are equipped to handle issues that arise in the backcountry and truly assess you before and during a tour or outing.
Expert Guides
Our team members (Guides) are true professionals. They are the best of the best and are experts in their disciplines. What does this mean? In 2009, over 200 applicants applied to be part of the team and four candidates were chosen. We have a very stringent hiring and screening process. Our guides or team members have skills, education, training, and many years of experience that truly separates them from their peers. Rest assured there is no trial and error on your mountain or outdoor experience. The reality is in addition to training and education, there are many nuances developed through experience. Our team members are between the ages of 34-49 years young. If you want an amazing experience, know that you are having the best join you in the mountains.
Lifetime Memories
Our goal is to “give you memories that last a lifetime”, “make your lives more interesting”, and “open up experiences not found in your guidebook”. We strive for giving you the best local experience that is not found in your guidebook, on a blog or website. Everything we do is make sure you feel you are cared for and supported. Making you feel at home, supported and knowing that your wellbeing and safety is our first priority. We do not want you to come experience Colorado with us and then just leave. We want you to always stay in touch, e-mail or call to say hi and feel free to contact us for any questions about the outdoors you may have.

We strive to give you experiences that last a lifetime.

“We do not remember days….. We remember moments.” (Cesare pavese)

Permits, Authority, and Licenses

Permit Authorization
Authorized and permitted by the US Government (Rocky National Park and US Forest Service – Roosevelt National Forest), State of Colorado, City of Boulder, Jefferson Co., and the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. Authorized by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission to Transport Passengers – CO PUC 55777.

United States Department of Interior. Rocky Mountain National Park. We are permitted for the following commerical guided activities: Winter activities; Hiking; Backpacking; Photography Tours; Road Bicycling; Fly Fishing; Peak Ascents (including Longs Peak); Sightseeing. Note: RMNP permites for each activity separtely. We are the only guide service permitted for all these activities.

United States Department of Interior. Bureau of Land Management: Moab and Grand Junction. We are permitted for the following commerical guided activities: Mountain Biking. Note: Permitted to guide the entire Kokopelli Trail.

United States Department of Agriculture. Roosevelt National Forest: Boulder Ranger District. We are permitted for the following commerical guided activities: Mountain Biking; Hiking; Backpacking; Fly fishing; Winter acivities.

Note: The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits discrimination in all its programs and activities on the basis race, color, national origin, age, disability, and where applicable, sex, martial status, familial status, parental status, religion, sexual orientation, genetic information, political beliefs, reprisal, or because all or part of an individual’s income is derived from any public assitance program.

City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks We are permitted for the following commerical guided activities: Mountain Biking; Hiking, National History/wildlife Tours; Photo Tours.

Jefferson County Open Space. We are permitted for the following commerical guided activities: Mountain Biking; Hiking, National History/wildlife Tours; Photo Tours.

State of Colorado. Department of Regulatory Agencies, Division of Registrations. Licensed Fishing Outfitter. We are licensed for the Fly Fishing. Outfitter #2717.

The State of Colorado, Public Utilities Commission (CO PUC). We have authority to provide Sightseeing, Charter Service, Limousine Service, and Scheduled Shuttles. CO PUC:#55777.

We are the only outfitter / guided company in Boulder, Denver, Jefferson or Lairimer County that is authorized by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission to provide transportation. What does this mean? We are truly a one-stop and have the highest safety standards for both outfitters and transportation companies.

Note: The State of Colorado, Public Utilities Commission (CO PUC), requires companies that provide sightseeing tours to have authority with with CO PUC. If a company does not have a PUC #, then they are providing sightseeing service illegally in the state of Colorado. Please report these companies to the CO PUC in the interest of Public Safety.

In terms of outfitters or tour companies, our guides are also professional drivers as well. We have them have routine medical and physical exams, driving safety and background checks are performed, yearly driving records are checked, driving hours are monitored, specialized mountain driver training is accessed and additional training is provided, and a much higher level of insurance is required than just an outfitter. As a result of this authority with the Public Utilities Commission, we are allowed to charge for transportation, outfitters or tour companies are not. The biggest difference is you can rest assured we have insurance for transportation and professional drivers are driving you. If safety is important, make sure professionals meeting the gold standard for safety requirements are transporting you.

Please check to make sure the tour company or outfitter is authorized by the State of Colorado Public Utilities Commission to provide transportation services, including sightseeing. CO PUC. We can be found under PUC #55777 or Boulder Wilderness Shuttle LLC.

If the tour company or outfitter is not authorized, chances are they are able to charge cheaper rates because of inadequate or lack of insurance or minimum levels or poor safety standards. Outfitters (hiking, biking, rafting, mountaineering, climbing, etc) are not required in the State of Colorado to have transportation authority or insurance to transport passenger. Thus, your safety is put at risk or should anything happen, there is little or no recourse.

We are used to providing access, education, support, and guided trips or guided tours for outdoor activities and recreational sports (hiking, biking, backpacking, snowshoeing,cross country skiing, and more). We have the outdoor skills, experience, and training to evaluate objective and subjective risks associated with outdoor activities. This allows us to truly give you information and education for you to be safe while doing these activities.

You can rest assured you will get up to date weather, mountain/trail conditions, safety considerations were evaluated, rescue plans communication, and chain of command systems are in place. You can also be assured that what you are told will help minimize your impact on the environment.

We also provide the education to travel in the mountains and outdoors safely. If you want guided tours, guided trips, sightseeing, access, education, and support, we are the Gold Standard for guide, tour, event planning and transportation companies.

Your Safety – Please read this!.

Note: Companies that not have appropriate permits, licenses, or authority will not have these listed on their website or advertising materials. These companies are operating illegaly! Please report them to local authorities or land managers as they present great public safety risks to the public and you as a potential client.

Question any outfitter, guide company, tour company, event planner or transportation company with lower trip costs!

The reason is usually they are illegal, do not have insurance or permits. Some companies in Colorado say "they have permits and authority" without really having them. So you are in doubt – when you are quoted a low trip price, please contact local authorities or land mamagers to confirm that this company is operating legally. We are happy to provide contact names and phone numbers as a requiement of our permits, licenses, and authority.

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