Porcupine Rim

Photo by Jeff Wilcox, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Outside magazine’s list of Best Trails came out the other day, and guess which destination we weren’t surprised made the cut?

Porcupine Rim in Moab, Utah.

Outside named it “Best Mountain Biking Trail You Have Heard Of,” citing the twisty turns on the single track and the 2,700-foot descent that ends at the Colorado River.

Guess who’s booking trips to this mountain biking mecca this fall? That’s right; we are.

We’ve planned a reverse-ride of the Kokopelli Trail, starting in Moab and bringing you all the way home to Colorado. Yeah, yeah, we know Porcupine Rim isn’t “officially” part of Kokopelli, but when have we ever let that stop us from doing something fun? Never!

We’d have to be crazy to take you to Moab and let you miss this ride, now “officially” the best.

Call us today and make your reservation (720.242.9828). And check out Outside’s list of other “best” trails at

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