No Pain, Plenty of Gain

Colorado consistently ranks among the nation’s healthiest states, and with seemingly infinite outdoor activities, it’s no secret why.

In the winter, we spend our days on the slopes or trekking through the parks on snowshoes, and as the snowcaps melt, we head out to the trails with our backpacks and mountain bikes.  For an extreme challenge, we tackle an 18-mile journey across the Mummy Range or summit Long’s Peak – the highest in Rocky Mountain National Park.

One of many unique fitness challenges in Colorado is the It Burns Joe Fitness boot camp at Red Rocks Amphitheater west of Denver, which kicks off this weekend.  These grueling workouts involve, among many other drills, running the 192 stairs at Red Rocks – while we admire boot camp participants, we’d rather be out rock climbing!

Spring has arrived in Colorado, and we can’t wait to trade our skis and snowshoes for mountain bikes and hiking boots! 

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