March Madness

March Madness, Colorado Style

If filling out a March Madness bracket is the only team-building your office staff has done this year, you might consider taking a page out of the Colorado University women’s basketball team’s playbook. These young women and their coaches joined us recently for a team-building event, completing a scavenger hunt that helped them improve their communication, trust, and flexibility, ensuring they’re triple threats both on and off the court. There are nearly infinite ways to work on your fundamentals, whether you’re looking for an enjoyable day out of the office or an in-depth focus on specific goals, but we’ve outlined a few of our favorite activities below.

Orienteering Adventure

Follow in the footsteps of the great explorers as you set out on an Orienteering Adventure ( . You’ll learn fundamental geographic principles such as how to read a topographical map, use a compass, and count distance by pace, and then put it all together as you complete a 3-mile hike.  You’ll race to specific places while overcoming obstacles, working together to improve communication.

Amazing Race Colorado

Venture out on your own Amazing Race( as your team navigates our custom course and completes mental and physical challenges at checkpoints along the way.  You’ll receive clues to help you solve riddles and problems while achieving specific goals. Your mental and physical capacities will be challenged as you race against yourself and your competitors.  Arrive at the finish line for a celebratory toast and to discuss the lessons learned. 

Team Bonding Adventures

You might simply prefer a fun day out of the conference room exploring Colorado’s wild beauty alongside your coworkers.  We can arrange activities ( from backpacking to biking or rafting to horseback riding to ensure your team gains a new perspective, embraces a sense of adventure, and learns to trust each other.

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