Horseback Riding/Rafting

Horseback Riding/Rafting

We love exploring Colorado’s National Parks and Open Space year-round, but there’s just something special about spring and summer.  This year, we can’t wait to get back to two of our favorite activities: horseback riding and whitewater rafting.  By paring them together, you can explore Jefferson County Open Space trails and paddle through the region’s most exciting rapids – a truly unique way to enjoy Colorado’s magnificent scenery.

Whether you’ve got your trip booked or are dreaming of a future adventure, we’ve listed some tried-and-true tips below to help you prepare.

Horseback Riding

  1. Wear long pants and close-toed shoes.  It might be sunny and warm outside, but believe us – you’ll want long pants to protect yourself from scratchy saddles and sticker bushes.
  2. Wear sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses.  Our stables are located in Golden, at the foot of the majestic Rocky Mountains.  The elevation here begins at 5,675 feet above sea level, and you can get sunburned even on mild spring days.
  3. Arrive early.  An extra half hour gives your guide time to fit you for a horse and saddle and pass along some important instructions for the ride.
  4. Bring a camera.  In addition to the stunning scenery, you’ll want to capture memories of your family or friends following in the hoof prints of the explorers of lore.

Whitewater Rafting

  1. Wear shoes that can get wet.  Trade out your horseback riding footwear for a pair that won’t get damaged or be uncomfortable in the water.
  2. Bring a change of clothes.  Even though we provide rafters with splash jackets, you will likely get wet, and you’ll appreciate a dry set of clothes awaiting you.
  3. Keep the sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses handy.  One of our favorite things about Colorado is our 300 sunny days each year, which means our trusty hat and shades are always within reach.
  4. Leave the camera behind.  Rather than risk watching your camera sink in the Clear Creek River, let us handle the photography – you’ll receive a CD of photos from your ride.

We can’t wait to share these two very different – but equally exciting – rides with you!

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