Freedom & The Great Outdoors

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, and it’s during this time of year that many people pause to reflect on the many freedoms we are afforded as Americans. One of those that tends to get overlooked is the freedom we have to enjoy the natural beauty of our country.

Undeveloped land is a gift. The space and quiet afforded in nature can bring peace and restore balance to lives that are often full of noise and distraction, side effects of living in a developed, modern nation.

The American West, and Colorado in particular, is blessed with acres and acres of open space. There are so many ways to enjoy what the area has to offer in terms of natural beauty; a hike, a climb, a night under the stars, a bike ride.

Maybe this Independence Day, when you’re barbecuing with friends or family, watching fireworks and thinking how lucky we are to live in a country with so many freedoms, you’ll take a moment to appreciate the true freedom that comes with exploring and reconnecting with nature, having space to breathe and room to stretch  your legs, and people and resources to ensure that such beauty is preserved for generations.

Check out our sightseeing tours for some great ways to appreciate the wonders of Colorado:

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