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“Fostering Teamwork Through Competition”

Competition is essential to our lives as human beings. Without it, we’d all still be single-cell organisms. Yet competition sometimes gets a bum rap.

People often think that competition and team building are opposing philosophies. But a little competition among co-workers can actually be an excellent way to foster teamwork.

Photo by Shay Castle

We recently hosted a small group from Prologis for one of our Urban Amazing Races in downtown Boulder. They had originally planned to tackle the course as one, but plans soon changed as their desire for friendly competition with their peers and supervisors won out.

We watched as the two groups tackled the scavenger hunt, following clues to find landmarks in an unfamiliar town. They struggled with our Helium Stick challenge.

Photo by Shay Castle

They excelled at passing through our Spider Web, and they came up with ingenious and creative ways to earn a buck on the Pearl Street Mall.

But most importantly, they communicated. They worked as a team, each contributing a different skill set and perspective, to solve our little challenges. They learned  how to recognize and implement good ideas, how to create success from failures, and how — in order to win — cooperation and collaboration are key.

Team building exercises are great for improving interpersonal relations among people who normally interact in a professional setting. It breaks down barriers, provides a sense of play, and enhances unity by providing a common goal. But adding an element of competition ups the level of excitement. It taps into our basest of instincts as human beings to outrun, out-think, outperform our rivals.

Our team-building activities provide the materials and the setting for creative problem solving. But competition provides the spark that ignites passion inside each of us to reach our highest level of potential, as individuals and as a team.

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Photo by Shay Castle

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