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Rocky Mountain National Park Centennial

Photo by Rianna Riegelman

This year Rocky Mountain National Park is celebrating its 100th year with special events throughout the summer season. It’s a great year to visit and get a dose of history along with fresh air and exercise. Learn about the people who gave some of the prominent features in the park their names, like Enos Mills (Mills Lake) and Stephen H. Long (Long’s Peak)—the people who fell in love with this uniquely beautiful place more than a hundred years ago and worked to conserve it for future generations.

Visit the Climb On! exhibit at the Estes Park Museum while you are in town to learn about the early pioneers of climbing in Rocky Mountain National Park and its development into a training ground for some of the best climbers in the world. Introduce your kids to the hobby of geocaching with the special 100-year anniversary program Across the Divide Geo-Tour, with 50 special caches hidden in the park and in Estes Park town and Grand Lake.

Even when the summer crowds pour in as they inevitably do and the parking lots are full by 8am, with its 415 square miles of wilderness and more than 350 miles of hiking trails, there is something for everyone in Rocky. A vast majority of visitors tend to pile up in a select handful of popular areas in the park. Striking out on lesser-known trails and planning a multi-day backcountry trip are good ways to find solitude among the towering granite peaks and serene alpine lakes in the park.

CWRAG holds permits to lead a number of guided activities in Rocky Mountain National Park including hikes, backpacking trips, fly fishing, photography tours, road cycling, and peak ascents. Call us to inquire about trips into RMNP with one of our experienced guides.

Check out the park’s schedule of Centennial celebration events at the link below:

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