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rock climbing in Boulder Canyon

If you have the great fortune of living in Colorado and you like to spend time outdoors, you have probably been passed up on the trail, zoomed past on the slopes, and outdone even when you feel like you are at the top of your game. Sometimes it seems like everyone in this state is a superhero. This is not an illusion. We live among many great athletes and adventurers, some of them well known, others living in legendary infamy in certain circles, all of them inspirational. Men’s Journal recently named 5 Colorado adventurers among its 2015 worldwide list of the “50 Most Adventurous Men.” They are: polar explorer and climate activist Eric Larsen of Boulder; blind adventurer, author, and activist Erik Weihenmayer of Golden; the inexhaustible ultra runner Anton Krupicka of Boulder, big mountain skier Chris Davenport of Aspen, and climber Tommy Caldwell of Estes Park whose recent achievement in Yosemite is still reverberating on the walls of climbing history. Colorado women are certainly no less impressive.

While not all of us will climb a 14er backwards while juggling fire sticks or run an ultra marathon in record-breaking time across oxygen-deprived mountain ridges, Colorado is an amazing place to be an adventurer at any level and any age. It’s never too early or too late to cast your first line, climb your first peak, or pitch your first tent. Colorado has:

• 42 State Parks

• 4 National Parks

• 8 National Monuments

• 11 National Forests

• 42 National Wildlife Areas

• 8 National Wildlife Refuges

• 28 National Recreation Trails

• 2 National Grasslands

• 2 National Historic Sites

So whether you ride, run, hike, swim, paddle, ski, wade, float, or mosey—it’s time to get outside and explore these wilderness areas! The snow is melting, the birds are chirping, and the mountains are calling. Our 25 guides can lend expertise and inspiration as you get started whether it is a first in your life or just a first of the season. Try something new like rock climbing, fly fishing or backpacking with one of our local experts. We can custom tailor a trip according to your interests and availability.

guided family hikes in Colorado

When you are out on the trails this summer and the greats come zipping past, let their superhuman energy encourage you to go a just a little further than you did yesterday.

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